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Deu no New York Times: Brasil 87 x 84 Estados Unidos (Pan 1991)



O vídeo acima (postado pelo José Francisco) registra a vitória das brasileiras sobre as americana no Pan de Havana (em 1991).

Embora a mítica conquista do ouro sobre as cubanas tenha eclipsado essa façanha, o The New York Times trouxe na sua edição de 05 de agosto de 1991 uma matéria assinada por George Vecsey, que apresentava essa vitória das brasileiras como a interrupção de uma série de 42 jogos invictos da seleção americana em competições oficiais de grande porte. Na época, o Pan era uma delas.

Depois de liderar com folga no início, o time americano (com Jennifer Azzi, Teresa Edwards, Bridgette Gordon, Katrina McClain, Andrea Stinson, Venus Lacey e outras…) acabou caindo.

Na partida, Marta foi a cestinha com 24 pontos. Paula teve 23 e Hortência, 18.

O Renato me enviou essa matéria do The New York Times, que mostra o jornalista completamente envolvido pela dupla Paula & Hortência. Apresentadas como “lendárias”, “populares” e “poderosas” elas são comparadas a “Magic e Michael”.

Salta ainda no texto uma definição espirituosa do técnico cubano da época, Manuel Perez. Segundo ele: “Paula joga para a seleção brasileira, e a seleção brasileira joga por Hortência”.

O link para a matéria está aqui e eu reproduzo abaixo o texto no original em inglês.

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Brazil Stuns U.S. Women in Basketball

Published: August 5, 1991

The 42-game winning streak by the United States women's basketball team in major world competition came to an end today when Brazil stunned the Americans, 87-84, in the Pan American Games.

The United States led by 14-3 and 26-8 early, but the Brazilians worked themselves back into the game behind their legendary backcourt gunners, Hortencia Marcari and Maria Paula da Silva.

Like other famous Brazilian athletes -- Pele in soccer, Oscar in basketball -- both are known by one name: Hortencia and Paula, something like Magic and Michael both trying to lead a United States men's basketball team.

Hortencia and Paula are so powerful and popular that they have never been allowed to play on the same team in the Sao Paulo state league. One or the other has reached the finals in 10 of the past 11 years. Shots Go In, Flag Goes Up

Today, these two old state rivals and national teammates put the game away with clutch shooting in the final minutes.

Hortencia tossed in a difficult spinning right-handed jump shot against Teresa Edwards while driving toward the left corner with 24 seconds left for an 85-82 lead, and then Paula and Hortencia each made one foul shot when the United States had to commit personal fouls in the closing seconds.

Then the Brazilian flag with the familiar globe was being waved by a dancing, chanting section of fans, to celebrate a huge international victory.

The United States team had won all major matches in Summer Games, Goodwill Games, world championships and Pan American Games going back nearly a decade, and most of their players are veterans of recent triumphs. The last defeat for the team came against the Soviet Union in the 1982 world championships. But the Americans looked befuddled today as Brazil shot and scrambled its way back.

"I was not here the last time we lost," said Andrea Lloyd, a 25-year-old who formerly played for the University of Texas. "And I don't like to lose, especially because of defensive mistakes.

"But I have to say, they were really pushing us around under the basket. I would look around and see an expression like, 'What are we supposed to do?' That's sad, when we don't have confidence." Americans Are Grim

The mood of the American team was grim after the game. Both teams are likely to qualify for the semifinal round and could meet in the championship match.

Edwards, limited to 22 minutes by foul problems, led the Americans with 20 points. Paula had 22 points and Hortencia 18, while Brazil was led in scoring by Marta de Souza, a willowy forward with a Grace Jones-style flat-top hairdo, who had 24 points.

However, Hortencia and Paula are the heart and soul of the team, two shooting guards who somehow co-exist in international play.

Manuel Perez, the Cuban coach, recently said, "Paula plays for the Brazilian team while the Brazilian team plays for Hortencia."

Hortencia has the greater international reputation, partly for having scored 64 points in one game six or seven years back. With her ponytail swinging back and forth and her expressive face and constant chatter, she is more noticeable.

Two years ago, Hortencia married Jose Victor Oliva, a Sao Paulo restaurant owner known as the King of the Night.

Last season, Hortencia went to Italy and played for Enimont-Priollo for a cool $15,000 a month, the highest rate she had ever made in her career.

Now 31 years old, she said today: "My hope is to qualify for the Olympics because Brazil has never reached them. After that, I will stop playing and have a baby." No Perils From Paula

Paula, who is 29, has been able to make money in Spain the last two seasons. Today, she was the steadier player, leading the comeback in the first half while Hortencia was resting.

The coach, Maria Cardoso, made intelligent substitutions, and made sure the two old hands were together in the final moments as Brazil recorded one of the great moments in its sports history, and one the United States team is likely to remember, at least until it can arrange a return match in the finals.

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Postem sobre a final do mundial sub 17.

Jogão. Quase Espanha ganha.

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Se não me engano, a derrota anterior (aos 42 jogos de invencibilidade) também foi para o Brasil, na Copa América de 1989, semi final.

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muito legal.....que virada....sensacional!!!!!